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Mobile devices

We’re one of only a few companies in Europe that can integrate Android firmware to different hardware. Our services include Firmware Development, Maintenance and Test Automation. We are particularly strong in local connectivity (Bluetooth Smart, Wifi).

Embedded systems

Embedded systems require optimal performance and reliability. We can help clients with Architecture Design and Development. For user centric products, we can develop the User Interface natively or with UI frameworks (Qt, Unity).

Cloud solutions

Our services include both Front- and Back-end, Cloud integration, Analytics and Account Management. We have built complete solutions for administering an embedded system through a web front-end and delivering business analytics from large datasets.


  • Experienced & versatile team

    Founded in 2014 by mobile industry veterans (ex-Nokia and Microsoft). Our skills are top-notch and continuously renewed from working on some of the most exciting and challenging projects in technology.

  • Customer happiness

    We want to help you win in your business and with your end-customers. We are known for speedy delivery and doing the job right. Our approach to problem solving is to address the root cause and not the symptoms.

  • Code from Finland

    By choosing a Company that has Code from Finland symbol, you can trust that your service is being developed in Finland. You'll have leading experts in their respective fields working with you.


We are always looking for talented software developers – please contact us.

Moyeen Ahmad

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NE Technology (CTO)

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