GE Healthcare as a driver for the development of patient monitoring

2. March, 2018

GE image
Health technology giant GE Healthcare has been developing small, wireless patient monitors in Finland for three years. NE Device SW designed the user interface for the patient monitor prototype.

"Our style is rapid-cycle changes, which was a considerable advantage from GE's perspective. When it's hard to foresee all possible problematic scenarios in advance, it is better to make changes as the device is tested," says NE Device SW's principal software engineer, Veli-Pekka Tirkkonen.

NE Device SW CEO Moyeen Ahmad explains that as a subcontractor, NE Device SW was interested in the ambitious goal of the project. The company team visited a hospital to familiarise themselves with the industry and to understand the environment for which the products are designed. "Our employees even learnt industry terminology in their spare time," Ahmad remarks.

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Try on sunglasses virtually on Tallink vessels!

21. June, 2017

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NE Device SW and Screen Interactive teamed up with Tallink, the biggest provider of mini-cruise and passenger transport services in the northern Baltic Seas, to let shoppers find and try on sunglasses in-store in a way that’s fast and fun.

Tallink offers a wide variety of sunglasses. They were interested in innovative ways to raise awareness for the range and generate excitement and fun factor among shoppers. The result is an in-store experience where you can filter the catalogue by brand and price to find the models you want to try out using a large touch display. As you swipe through the carousel, the screen becomes a virtual mirror that places sunglasses on your face. You can turn and nod – and easily swipe to the next model!

The solution is available on Megastar, Victoria and Star, following a successful pilot at the end of 2016.

Android platform upgrade for Fairphone 2

1. March, 2017

We’ve long admired Fairphone – the mobile industry needs to change to an ethical direction and Fairphone is at the forefront.
We were delighted to help upgrade Fairphone 2 from Lollipop to Marshmallow, as announced in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The Fairphone 2 includes all the very latest security updates as well as all the improvements from Android 6.0.1.
The result is a smartphone that’s worth upgrading to.

Firmware updates are an important enabler for long term ownership of smartphones.
It’s absolutely possible to deliver a major upgrade with a small focused team.

Please contact me for further info.

And we look forward to more exciting updates from our friends at Fairphone!

We have turned two!

16. November, 2016

NE Device SW is two years old!

Thanks to our great team and our wonderful customers.
There wasn’t any other Finnish software company that specialised in embedded / Android firmware so we decided to make one ourselves. We have also developed in new areas such as computer vision and augmented reality while keeping our production mindset.

Ne Device SW now has 16 people, including one trainee.
Recently Pekka Pesu joined us as a Principal Software Engineer. Pekka has long experience and deep expertize in many areas of software development and system engineering. He has worked in many countries.
Terhi Törmänen has also joined us as a trainee. She has earlier worked as a researcher in Planetary Geology and at the University of Oulu. More recently she has been gaining skills and working in web development.

We are always looking for talented hands-on software engineers and have a specific need for Android firmware testers and developers. If you’re already based in Oulu, get in touch with Moyeen Ahmad or Miikka Kirveskoski!

Welcome Liisa and Jarno!

24. August, 2016

We are delighted that Liisa Anttonen and Jarno Lämsä have joined NE Device SW in August as Senior Software Engineers. Both Liisa and Jarno are highly skilled and experienced, having worked previously in Nokia.

NE Device SW is one of the fastest growing software companies in Finland. We do all our work in Oulu but our customer base is spread across Europe.
We are still seeking versatile and confident software engineers. We’d like to talk to you if you’re into these things:
  • Building high quality software
  • Advanced technical problem-solving
  • A fast-moving environment
  • An exceptionally talented and supportive peer group
  • No hierarchy
  • Being based in Oulu
  • Having fun :-)

Strengthening our test capabilities - welcome Emmanuel!

15. June, 2016

We are delighted to welcome Emmanuel Etchu.
Emmanuel is a native of Cameroon but has studied and lived in Finland for over 15 years.
He has strong experience in building effective test practices (including automation) and leading testing teams.
Previously he worked at both Nokia and Harman.

Check out our new website!

8. June, 2016

NE Device SW is a leading software company working on some of the most exciting and innovative projects in technology.
Check out our new website!

Join us!

18. April, 2016

NE Device SW is one of the fastest growing start-ups in Finland.
We work on very exciting projects for ambitious clients, both in Finland and elsewhere.
We also work on disruptive products for retail, notably ‘BeOnQ’ - the queue management solution for the smartphone era.
Software is at the core of what we do.

We’re looking for talented software developers – multiple positions located in Oulu, Finland.
Our clients expect quality – we expect that you do things the right way.
Much of our work involves interacting with clients – you must be able to communicate effectively.
We offer a relaxed and friendly working environment – you must take your work seriously but not yourself!

Get in touch if you have strong skills in one or more of the following areas: Android firmware, web technologies, iOS, Unity, Blender, OpenGL, Linux, kernel drivers.
You will know one or more of the following languages/technologies: C/C++/C#, Java, Swift, JS, JSON, QML, Ruby on Rails, HTML/HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Python, Perl.

Please send your CV to Moyeen Ahmad or Miikka Kirveskoski, and a brief covering note. Contact us if you have any questions (either in Finnish or English).

Be a part of this exciting story!

We are growing again

8. March, 2016

We are excited to announce Tinja Paavoseppä and Joni Tauriainen have joined the team as software developers.
Both initially joined as trainees last year and have greatly contributed to our queue management solution ‘BeOnQ’.

Tinja has a Bachelor of Engineering from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, and strengthens our capabilities in application development. Joni has a Bachelor of Engineering from Oulu University of Applied Sciences, and has a diverse skillset in both embedded software and cloud technology.

2015 was quite a year!

23. December, 2015

We passed more than a year working on interesting and exciting projects, doing what we love and learning so much!
We have a lot of people to thank.

- To our customers, we will continue to strive to do the best for you next year!
- To our partners, suppliers and supporters, we will strengthen our co-operation!
- Last but not least, to our employees, we want to make a great workplace and remain a winning team!

Wishing you a prosperous year ahead!

BeOnQ at Slush 2015!

13. November, 2015

We introduced BeOnQ in the fantastic Slush 2015 conference in Finland! We are still buzzing from the great feedback at our demo stand! And in a sea of start-ups and demo stands, we made an impression on the media!

© 2015 - Johanna Juupaluoma / Lännen media

Ärsyttääkö jonottaminen? Oululaissovelluksella siitäkin voi tulla vaivatonta - source Oulun Kaleva
Ärsyttääkö jonottaminen? Suomalaissovelluksella siitäkin voi tulla vaivatonta - source Keksi Pohjanmaa KP24
Ärsyttääkö jonottaminen? Suomalaissovelluksella siitäkin voi tulla vaivatonta - source National Aamulehti
Kajaanilaislähtöinen Tinja Paavoseppä kehittämässä sovellusta, jolla jonotus helpottuu - source Kainuun Sanomat
Virtualvärlden konkretiserades på Slush - source National Svenska YLE

Queue management for busy places in the smartphone era!

04. November, 2015

We've all experienced long waits and queues at banks, hospitals and public offices.

At the tax office, a long queue often means a wait for over an hour. Valuable time when you could be doing something else. Like running an errand or doing some shopping.

In the hospital, you can't escape the waiting room, even to go to the toilet, in case you miss your slot!

We figured there must be a better way to wait. Many of us have smartphones and many busy places have appointment systems or legacy queueing systems.

So why can't we be better informed on our place in the queue so we can make better use of our time? Why wait when you can be on cue?

During the last months, we learned that a poor waiting experience is damaging for the service provider.

So we have worked hard to build a solution that helps solve business problems of wastage and inefficiency, as well as improving the customer experience.

We will unwrap BeOnQ at Slush on Nov 11 and premiere the live demo of BeOnQ! Please come and visit us in EXPO Hall 7 at stand A30 and you can win a prize by joining our raffle!

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

For more information please visit the BeOnQ website at

BeOnQ - Enjoy the wait!

NE Device SW

The logo is up

02. November, 2015

3 weeks after our move to the new premises, we got our company logo installed. Another exciting milestone for NE Device SW.

NE Device SW

Marshall London Smartphone

22. October, 2015

Marshall London is one of the most exciting smartphones to launch in recent years, by far.

We were delighted to help to mature the firmware by simulating months of use in a short period through test automation. Through this simulation, we can thoroughly stress test an Android device – and analyse crashes and errors quickly. We used ’Tau’, a powerful test automation tool, developed by Profilence.

The Marshall London is a smartphone which can take heavy use, just like a true rockstar!

Marshall London

New Headquarter Office!

12. October, 2015

We are happy to announce that we have moved to our new Headquarter office, which is located in Elektroniikkatie 8; 90590 Oulu.

We are looking forward to your visit.

NE Device SW Headquarter

Scams, start-up conferences and see you at Slush!

07. October, 2015

Lately there has been numerous claims and counter-claims about start-up conferences and Web Summit in particular. I think there’s two issues at heart.

1. Are their marketing techniques just scams?
Web Summit has been criticized for running Facebook ads which imply a quota of start-ups for your country is being sought for and offering free demo booths to those who successfully apply to their alpha program. During the application process, a start-up will learn that you still need to pay for conference tickets, and obviously flights and hotels.
Is this a scam? I would say it is manipulation but not a scam. Social proof is a fundamental driver of buyer behaviour and there’s no reason not to use it. Are the quotas inflated or misleading? Possibly. Do they have to be mathematically correct? Absolutely not.
The application process for the ‘free' booth may seem somewhat of a charade but then again, no-one forces you to take it up if you balk at the overall deal.
We decided to skip it.

2. What is the real value of conferences?
Let’s face reality.
Investors are outnumbered massively at conferences. They will be fed up with pitches by the end, if not already!
In Europe at least, it’s unlikely you’ll get any money without strong evidence of traction or, wait for it, social proof. Same goes for press.
Potential customers can be found but are more likely to be found at far less glamorous industry-specific meet-ups.

So why bother?
One reason is that you gain from public exposure – even if it mostly consists of fellow start-up people. It may not be your target market but you’ll get a sense of whether you can clearly communicate what you’re about, and if it resonates. Does anyone really understand the platform you’re building? Who is your product for? How do you plan to make money?
Start-up life is nasty, brutish and short. A busy conference where you are merely one of many is a reasonable approximation to the state of war that you are in.

NE Device SW will be going to Slush.
We weren’t scammed or manipulated into it. Or if we were, it’s so subtle that we still aren’t aware of it!
We will be revealing more about our own ’software-as-a-service' product.
So come and visit our booth! Contact me now for a free pass… :-)

Data Nanny: set limits for your child's smartphone

18. August, 2015

It’s a bit different growing up nowadays… My son is 10 years old. He and almost all of his friends have smartphones. They watch Minecraft videos, play games, send Whatsapp messages and much more!

But many children (and quite a few parents) struggle with smartphone addiction. Studies show that smartphone use before bedtime is harmful to the quality of your child’s sleep. Data-driven social and instant messaging apps are often the source of the addiction.

At school, teachers discourage or even prohibit smartphone use during class. Outside of school, parents may attempt to control a child’s smartphone usage. Control means perhaps with an expensive app or by confiscation. The latter sometimes means tears and tantrums... and that’s both children and the adults!

We made Data Nanny because we felt there must be a better way to manage our children’s smartphone use. Data Nanny is an app that parents install on their child’s Android smartphone.

It allows parents to set boundaries during which Wifi and mobile data (on Android 4.x only) will not work. This can be during the school day or after bedtime or both. It is possible to limit it as much or as little as you think is needed. You can even turn data off for the entire day.

Many kids have pay as you go SIM cards with no mobile data or limited mobile data. But as all smartphones have wifi, you can’t really limit your child’s data use by reducing the top-up.

Your child can still make and receive phone calls and send text messages, while data is restricted.

This topic arouses a great deal of passion both among parents and children. This topic arouses a great deal of passion both among parents and children. So do try our app ( and let us know what you think.

The app is available for free and in English, Finnish and Swedish.

We receive European Regional Development Fund!

28. April, 2015

We just received the happy news that we receive European Regional Development Fund!

Learn more about us on our renewed website!

20. April, 2015

We have updated our website so that you can learn more about what we do and how we do it.

Let us know what you think and how we can help you.

We are expanding

9. April, 2015

As our business rapidly expands, we are delighted to welcome Minna Erälä and Veli-Pekka Tirkkonen to our team.

Minna joins as Quality Assurance SW engineer from April 1. and Veli-Pekka will join as SW engineer from May 1. Both Minna and Veli-Pekka are highly experienced in their respective areas.

We look forward to continue our growth!

PeepHole security system: an app for securing your loved ones

18. March, 2015

I’m often amazed at how clever ideas and creative solutions come up.

A journalist and entrepreneur Esa Siivola approached us earlier this year after discovering us through our website. As we got to know each other, Esa asked our help to solve a problem.

We all have relatives, young or old, who can be vulnerable at home to unwelcome visitors at the door. Although many apartments have peepholes, these can be difficult to use especially for children or people using mobility aids. And while we would want to be always there for our loved ones, sometimes it simply isn’t possible.

Esa had been thinking that why not use a smartphone to capture photos of such visitors and send these to a responsible adult. Same application can also be used by small shops and the shopkeepers for extra security. Many of us have old smartphones lying in a drawer, which could do this.

With a bit of velcro, it’s quite easy to set up. And Esa asked us to build an application that would be easy to set up and with minimal user interface.

We were delighted to help. And the result is the PeepHole Security System. This app is available to download now from the Google Play store:

Cheap or old smartphones have a lot of technology that can be used for good. Why throw them away when they could still be useful. The tech industry talks a lot about the Internet of Things.

But really all that matters is how can we solve real problems. And to do it cheaply but reliably. More to follow!

Build the future with connectivity that works

26. February, 2015

The future will see all types of connected devices that have the potential to transform our lives further.

The number of wearables continues to increase with more Android Wear products and many others based on custom built software platforms. Sensors and algorithms are helping us to live more healthily! But there’s a problem ...

Wearables are not standalone devices. They need to connect to smartphones, tablets and laptops to truly be useful. They need to exchange data with cloud back-ends. For instance, people glance at their watches to get time-criticial relevant information. They don’t want an immersive experience. Bluetooth Low Energy is often the glue between connected devices. But it is an evolving technology standard and hardware implementations can be quite variable. Each iteration of Android has a new iteration of Bluetooth. Add in the complexity of cloud processing and latency, this can mean a frustrating experience for an end customer who just doesn’t get the experience she was expecting. And worse, a feeling of wasted money and effort.

In the automotive sphere, connectivity plays an increasingly important role. We spend a lot of time in our cars and want to enjoy being in the car whether as a driver or passenger, or be more productive. Building good experiences in the car present their own set of challenges for obvious reasons of safety and security.

End customers are ever more demanding. A lot of technological progress is at the risk of disappointing customers while basic flaws are not being addressed. The good news is that these flaws can be tackled. If you feel the same way, I’d love to talk to you. Connectivity is a core area of our expertize.

Together we can make smartphones and tablets better... and less frustrating!

24. February, 2015

Smartphones and tablets

For a long time, smartphones and tablets have been all about software. People choose an OS and ecosystem, and then they choose the hardware. In many ways, smartphones and tablets are established consumer products. Smartphone penetration surpasses mobile phone penetration in many countries.

We love our iPhones and Androids, and how they can do everything from entertain us to make us more productive.

But people are frustrated also. Devices can crash unexpectedly or turn off after limited use. They can also be too distracting for adults, let alone children.

Back to Basics

We want to improve the basics again. We offer our help to device manufacturers to fix these problems and make more stable software. Android itself is not inherently unstable and there are ways to stop crashes and improve power consumption.

During our careers, we worked with Symbian, MeeGo, S40, Asha Nokia X-Platform based on Android open source - fundamentally different mobile software platforms with very different constraints and capabilities.

Our products would reach far and wide across the world. Such phones were required to be dependable and reliable in demanding environments. We could not let down a customer that had paid good money.

S40 was a closed platform running on less powerful and hungry hardware than Android, which is open and far more capable. Nevertheless, with specialized tools, we could and can quickly pinpoint the source of memory leaks and the cause of crashes. There’s also plenty that can be done to improve power consumption.

We are pleased to offer our expertize in system engineering to device manufacturers.

The right experience

We have in-house UX expertize and can make differentiating Android applications, because we are familiar and comfortable with debugging across the stack. We are offering application development as a service.

We also have a few products of our own under development that we feel can help solve real world problems.

Stay tuned as we will launch a few solutions to the market during this year.

In the next post, I will describe our perspective on connected devices, especially wearables and automotive software.

Mobile World Congress 2015

27. January, 2015

Moyeen Ahmad from NE Device SW will be in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2015. He would love to meet you there!

- Need to get different hardware to talk to each other without fail? We have connectivity experts that can make it work.
- Want to make the best quality wearable/smartphone/tablet? Our system engineers can root out and resolve the underlying issues.
- Want the wow factor in your applications? We have deep capabilities in stretching and maximizing performance from Android framework and UX design.

Get in touch on and let’s fix a meeting in advance.

We are growing

16. January, 2015

We are excited and very happy to announce that Miikka Kirveskoski (CTO) and Achim Peters (COO) have joined the board of directors.

Additionally we welcome Kaisa Kauppinen (UX Design), Maxim Abrosimov (SW Engineering), Martti Suvanne (SW Engineering), Kari Haapalehto (SW System Engineering), Antti Haapakangas (SW Engineering), Timo Huttunen (SW Engineering) and Jorma Selmgren (SW Engineering).

We will be hiring more people in the near future.

First contract signed

8. January, 2015

Today is another great day for NE Device SW and possibly the most important milestone for a company.
We have now officially signed the first customer contract, while discussing with some more potential once, close to signing.

NE Device SW headquarters

2. January, 2015

Today we have reached another important milestone. We got our new office keys. Our office is located in Elektroniikkatie 3, 90590 Oulu. Feel free to visit us any time. Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2015!

Announcing NE Device SW

3. November, 2014

With this post, I am announcing the launch of NE Device SW.
This company makes premium quality software for any mobile device, any platform and anywhere.

Our goal is to make stable and high performing software, perfectly suited to the function and form of a device. Big or small. Pocketable or wearable.

Smartphone-like software appears in all sorts of devices now and even more in the future. Tablets are transforming entertainment, education, health, retail,… and the list is getting longer. Different types of wearables are emerging as companies experiment to find the right balance between form and function. We will see even more devices with smartphone-like software.

However the user experience will be nothing like a smartphone on these different devices. The user experience on each device must be tailored precisely to its function and physical form. This is what we do.

We know that making a device is complex. Over the past 15 years, many companies have entered and exited the devices business. There is the practical challenge of putting components from different suppliers together, and making them work in a beautiful and usable design. Making the functions and services come alive and work intuitively can only result from developers and designers collaborating effectively.

Software is at the heart of all this.
- It glues together the logic of different components and manages their resources.
- It co-ordinates and prioritises all the processes required to ensure that a user sees what they want and expect.
- It provides the feedback mechanism for the user.

We are a software company that obsesses over quality and user experience.

We were previously building software for the Nokia X2, the last of the Android based smartphones that started development under Nokia and finished in Microsoft Devices. Before that, we worked on the Asha line up of phones, including the Nokia Asha 501.
Throughout this we have collected wisdom on how to satisfy as many customers as possible. And across as many countries as possible. We are always learning new and better ways to fulfil our customers’ needs.

We are based in Oulu, a northern city in a northern country, Finland. Northern European (NE) culture imbues the way we do things. We take our work seriously but with minimum fuss and minimum formality. We believe nordic design values are applicable everywhere. Beauty and function, for all.

If you need great software on your mobile devices, reach out!