Announcing NE Device SW

3. November, 2014

With this post, I am announcing the launch of NE Device SW.
This company makes premium quality software for any mobile device, any platform and anywhere.

Our goal is to make stable and high performing software, perfectly suited to the function and form of a device. Big or small. Pocketable or wearable.

Smartphone-like software appears in all sorts of devices now and even more in the future. Tablets are transforming entertainment, education, health, retail,… and the list is getting longer. Different types of wearables are emerging as companies experiment to find the right balance between form and function. We will see even more devices with smartphone-like software.

However the user experience will be nothing like a smartphone on these different devices. The user experience on each device must be tailored precisely to its function and physical form. This is what we do.

We know that making a device is complex. Over the past 15 years, many companies have entered and exited the devices business. There is the practical challenge of putting components from different suppliers together, and making them work in a beautiful and usable design. Making the functions and services come alive and work intuitively can only result from developers and designers collaborating effectively.

Software is at the heart of all this.
- It glues together the logic of different components and manages their resources.
- It co-ordinates and prioritises all the processes required to ensure that a user sees what they want and expect.
- It provides the feedback mechanism for the user.

We are a software company that obsesses over quality and user experience.

We were previously building software for the Nokia X2, the last of the Android based smartphones that started development under Nokia and finished in Microsoft Devices. Before that, we worked on the Asha line up of phones, including the Nokia Asha 501.
Throughout this we have collected wisdom on how to satisfy as many customers as possible. And across as many countries as possible. We are always learning new and better ways to fulfil our customers’ needs.

We are based in Oulu, a northern city in a northern country, Finland. Northern European (NE) culture imbues the way we do things. We take our work seriously but with minimum fuss and minimum formality. We believe nordic design values are applicable everywhere. Beauty and function, for all.

If you need great software on your mobile devices, reach out!