Data Nanny: set limits for your child's smartphone

18. August, 2015

It’s a bit different growing up nowadays… My son is 10 years old. He and almost all of his friends have smartphones. They watch Minecraft videos, play games, send Whatsapp messages and much more!

But many children (and quite a few parents) struggle with smartphone addiction. Studies show that smartphone use before bedtime is harmful to the quality of your child’s sleep. Data-driven social and instant messaging apps are often the source of the addiction.

At school, teachers discourage or even prohibit smartphone use during class. Outside of school, parents may attempt to control a child’s smartphone usage. Control means perhaps with an expensive app or by confiscation. The latter sometimes means tears and tantrums... and that’s both children and the adults!

We made Data Nanny because we felt there must be a better way to manage our children’s smartphone use. Data Nanny is an app that parents install on their child’s Android smartphone.

It allows parents to set boundaries during which Wifi and mobile data (on Android 4.x only) will not work. This can be during the school day or after bedtime or both. It is possible to limit it as much or as little as you think is needed. You can even turn data off for the entire day.

Many kids have pay as you go SIM cards with no mobile data or limited mobile data. But as all smartphones have wifi, you can’t really limit your child’s data use by reducing the top-up.

Your child can still make and receive phone calls and send text messages, while data is restricted.

This topic arouses a great deal of passion both among parents and children.

The app is available for free and in English, Finnish and Swedish.