We have turned two!

16. November, 2016

NE Device SW is two years old!

Thanks to our great team and our wonderful customers.
There wasn’t any other Finnish software company that specialised in embedded / Android firmware so we decided to make one ourselves. We have also developed in new areas such as computer vision and augmented reality while keeping our production mindset.

Ne Device SW now has 16 people, including one trainee.
Recently Pekka Pesu joined us as a Principal Software Engineer. Pekka has long experience and deep expertize in many areas of software development and system engineering. He has worked in many countries.
Terhi Törmänen has also joined us as a trainee. She has earlier worked as a researcher in Planetary Geology and at the University of Oulu. More recently she has been gaining skills and working in web development.

We are always looking for talented hands-on software engineers and have a specific need for Android firmware testers and developers. If you’re already based in Oulu, get in touch with Moyeen Ahmad or Miikka Kirveskoski!