GE Healthcare as a driver for the development of patient monitoring

2. March, 2018

GE image
Health technology giant GE Healthcare has been developing small, wireless patient monitors in Finland for three years. NE Device SW designed the user interface for the patient monitor prototype.

"Our style is rapid-cycle changes, which was a considerable advantage from GE's perspective. When it's hard to foresee all possible problematic scenarios in advance, it is better to make changes as the device is tested," says NE Device SW's principal software engineer, Veli-Pekka Tirkkonen.

NE Device SW CEO Moyeen Ahmad explains that as a subcontractor, NE Device SW was interested in the ambitious goal of the project. The company team visited a hospital to familiarise themselves with the industry and to understand the environment for which the products are designed. "Our employees even learnt industry terminology in their spare time," Ahmad remarks.

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