Common themes in digital health – spring 2020

11. March, 2020

Digital health spring 2020
Activities in digital health have ramped up this spring. In the wake of COVID-19 Coronavirus sweeping through the globe, the discussion about new healthcare solutions and early detection methods has become more important than ever. Braving the virus outbreak, many industry professionals have taken to the field to conferences and other e-health events alike to get together and envision the future of the digital health industry. NE Device SW is also taking part in the discussion by attending a number of key events this spring.

Innovation for Health - Rotterdam, February 12-13

The company recently participated in the Innovation for Health Conference in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, as part of the Oulu Health stand. This was our first opportunity to demonstrate our contact-less, camera-based respiratory rate monitor outside of Finland. We were pleased to see how well our monitoring solution performed under the the sheer number of diverse visitors to our stand - talk about a stress test!

The Netherlands has a vibrant ecosystem in health and life sciences, yet they face similar challenges to Finland and many other Western countries. It's on us all to find ways to use technology to reduce the burden on the healthcare system.

Digital Health Rewired - London, March 3-4

Last week our CEO Moyeen Ahmad joined Digital Health Rewired, a UK-based conference on health IT. Naturally, the National Health Service (NHS), UK's Government-funded medical and health care services, was very strongly represented among the attendees. Much of the discussion gravitated around the implementation of digital solutions to the healthcare process and its link to better patient outcomes. By ensuring clinical information is as accurate as possible and readily available where it's needed, timely intervention is made possible. This future of healthcare is something we also strongly believe in.

Polar Bear Pitching - Oulu, March 12

Both Moyeen and CTO Miikka Kirveskoski were planning to brave the icy waters as part of the yearly Polar Bear Pitching event in Oulu, Finland. This exciting event consists of companies pitching their ideas to a panel of investors, all the while standing in an ice hole in the chilling Finnish winter weather. Moyeen had put himself through rigorous practice in preparation for the event and realized in a very real way just how big of a role breathing also plays in such a scenario...

While the Coronavirus outbreak caused the in-person event to be cancelled this year, thanks to great effort from the Polar Bear Pitching team the conference will still go on online. Stay tuned for the event live stream and social media presence in particular - it seems our CEO did not go through rigorous ice swimming training for nothing after all!

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