Together we can make smartphones and tablets better... and less frustrating!

24. February, 2015

Smartphones and tablets

For a long time, smartphones and tablets have been all about software. People choose an OS and ecosystem, and then they choose the hardware. In many ways, smartphones and tablets are established consumer products. Smartphone penetration surpasses mobile phone penetration in many countries.

We love our iPhones and Androids, and how they can do everything from entertain us to make us more productive.

But people are frustrated also. Devices can crash unexpectedly or turn off after limited use. They can also be too distracting for adults, let alone children.

Back to Basics

We want to improve the basics again. We offer our help to device manufacturers to fix these problems and make more stable software. Android itself is not inherently unstable and there are ways to stop crashes and improve power consumption.

During our careers, we worked with Symbian, MeeGo, S40, Asha Nokia X-Platform based on Android open source - fundamentally different mobile software platforms with very different constraints and capabilities.

Our products would reach far and wide across the world. Such phones were required to be dependable and reliable in demanding environments. We could not let down a customer that had paid good money.

S40 was a closed platform running on less powerful and hungry hardware than Android, which is open and far more capable. Nevertheless, with specialized tools, we could and can quickly pinpoint the source of memory leaks and the cause of crashes. There’s also plenty that can be done to improve power consumption.

We are pleased to offer our expertize in system engineering to device manufacturers.

The right experience

We have in-house UX expertize and can make differentiating Android applications, because we are familiar and comfortable with debugging across the stack. We are offering application development as a service.

We also have a few products of our own under development that we feel can help solve real world problems.

Stay tuned as we will launch a few solutions to the market during this year.

In the next post, I will describe our perspective on connected devices, especially wearables and automotive software.