Build the future with connectivity that works

26. February, 2015

The future will see all types of connected devices that have the potential to transform our lives further.

The number of wearables continues to increase with more Android Wear products and many others based on custom built software platforms. Sensors and algorithms are helping us to live more healthily! But there’s a problem ...

Wearables are not standalone devices. They need to connect to smartphones, tablets and laptops to truly be useful. They need to exchange data with cloud back-ends. For instance, people glance at their watches to get time-criticial relevant information. They don’t want an immersive experience. Bluetooth Low Energy is often the glue between connected devices. But it is an evolving technology standard and hardware implementations can be quite variable. Each iteration of Android has a new iteration of Bluetooth. Add in the complexity of cloud processing and latency, this can mean a frustrating experience for an end customer who just doesn’t get the experience she was expecting. And worse, a feeling of wasted money and effort.

In the automotive sphere, connectivity plays an increasingly important role. We spend a lot of time in our cars and want to enjoy being in the car whether as a driver or passenger, or be more productive. Building good experiences in the car present their own set of challenges for obvious reasons of safety and security.

End customers are ever more demanding. A lot of technological progress is at the risk of disappointing customers while basic flaws are not being addressed. The good news is that these flaws can be tackled. If you feel the same way, I’d love to talk to you. Connectivity is a core area of our expertize.