PeepHole security system: an app for securing your loved ones

18. March, 2015

I’m often amazed at how clever ideas and creative solutions come up.

A journalist and entrepreneur Esa Siivola approached us earlier this year after discovering us through our website. As we got to know each other, Esa asked our help to solve a problem.

We all have relatives, young or old, who can be vulnerable at home to unwelcome visitors at the door. Although many apartments have peepholes, these can be difficult to use especially for children or people using mobility aids. And while we would want to be always there for our loved ones, sometimes it simply isn’t possible.

Esa had been thinking that why not use a smartphone to capture photos of such visitors and send these to a responsible adult. Same application can also be used by small shops and the shopkeepers for extra security. Many of us have old smartphones lying in a drawer, which could do this.

With a bit of velcro, it’s quite easy to set up. And Esa asked us to build an application that would be easy to set up and with minimal user interface.

We were delighted to help. And the result is the PeepHole Security System.

Cheap or old smartphones have a lot of technology that can be used for good. Why throw them away when they could still be useful. The tech industry talks a lot about the Internet of Things.

But really all that matters is how can we solve real problems. And to do it cheaply but reliably. More to follow!