Software development


  • Concept development and rapid prototyping
  • Android firmware building and customization
  • Native application development for all smartphone platforms (Android, iOS)
  • Application development with Qt, Unity and other frameworks
  • Test automation (stability & performance), e.g. Profilence Tau, Squish, Robot
  • Lifecycle management (maintenance)


  • Android framework and low-level changes
  • Java, C/C++, C#/.NET, Objective-C, Swift/Swift2, HTML5, Qt/QML, Xamarin, OpenGL
  • Micro apps (for Android Wear)
  • Local connectivity and protocols (BT, BT Smart, WiFi)
  • Firmware updates
  • Chipsets (including Qualcomm, Mediatek)
  • Modem, Dual SIM
  • System engineering


  • Fairphone 2 (upgrading the Android OS. More details
  • User interface for patient monitor, for GE Healthcare. More details
  • Marshall London (automated testing, debugging the firmware)
  • Android firmware modifications and applications for an undisclosed customer
  • Smartwatch platform development for an undisclosed customer