Taking vital signs can now be done with a camera and software…

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Computer vision based vital signs monitoring
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One of the best indicators of a patient’s condition is their breathing, which is traditionally assessed by counting the respiratory rate. This and other vital signs can be useful to monitor and assess periodically, as even small changes in can give clinicians an early warning of deterioration.

But both heavy patient inflow and obstacles in counting accurately can lead to these vital signs often going unmeasured and unrecorded. Patients may alter their breathing if they know they’re being observed. Furthermore studies have found a significant difference between actual respiratory rates and what was recorded.


Our solution lets the triage nurse obtain measurements without any physical contact, while the patient describes their symptoms. Our application analyses a live feed of the patient from a camera in real time and using computer vision, measures respiratory rate and pulse. These measurements can be easily transferred to an electronic patient record.

This is designed for the real world, together with experienced clinicians, to fit into their daily workflow. It’s good for clinicians, good for patients and good for budgets.


In April 2019, NE Device SW won the inDemand competition to co-create a solution to this important problem identified by clinicians in Oulu University Hospital (OYS). The solution will be piloted in OYS in early 2020 and targeting CE certification in spring 2020.