Queue up with your smartphone
so you can do something else instead


What is it?

BeOnQ is a Queue Management system that lets customers join queues through their smartphone and come for service when it’s their turn.

It includes:

  • Easy-to-use API for Android/iOS enables BeOnQ for your customers
  • Secure web front-end or dedicated smartphone app for managing queues
  • Secure BeOnQ back-end for calculating wait times (hosted by us or behind your firewall)
  • Analytics dashboard for resource planning and statistics
  • Ticket dispenser (optional) - can be customized for your operation


Run outpatient appointments smoothly
  • Option for self check-in from the patient’s own smartphone
  • Notify waiting times to smartphones and displays while patients wait in the café or enjoy a walk
  • Before the appointment: send reminders, confirmations and instructions via smartphone
Improve satisfaction metrics and cut wastage
  • Collect patient satisfaction scores through our app
  • Track patient engagement and reduce no-shows
  • Monitor statistics on appointments and delays


Let customers know you value their time
  • Keep your customers happy by letting them know how long they have to wait
  • Let them run errands, continue shopping or just relax in a café before it’s their turn for service
  • Track waiting times and convert to loyalty points
Become a more efficient organization
  • Improve resource planning with waiting time and serving time metrics
  • Track the efficiency of different service points

How to get started

  • Contact us to provide details of your retail operation. We’ll give a timeline and free quotation.
  • We’ll provide access to our API. You can integrate easily into an existing Android or iOS application with our sample code.
  • We’ll configure the back-end and set up your admin and access accounts or we can make a customised application.
  • Still want paper tickets? We’ll set you up with a customised ticket dispenser.
  • Start promoting the smartphone apps to your customers.

If you’re a healthcare provider with an existing appointments system, please contact us.




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